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Are you looking for a top 3 car transport service provider? APL Car Bike Moving provides you with superior features to save you valuable time and money. We provide unmatched moving solutions by helping you connect with reputed car carrier services. Every car shifting service associated with our car moving company is highly dedicated and passionate to provide world-class car transportation services at competitive prices.

Our car transport company is well known for its renowned and scratch-free car transport across India, which manufactures safe car transport service in India to take the stress out of the customers and that too at the most affordable rates. Car carrier vehicles are used to safely transport the four-wheeler vehicles of the customers to their selected locations. These vehicles are specially designed to transport cars. Our fleet of car carrier vehicles helps operate the best car transport service to suit your needs.

Car Transport Service

Safe Car Transportation Services by APL Car Bike Moving

APL Car Bike Moving is renowned as one of the most dependable safe car transportation service in India. We not only ensure the convenient and timely delivery of your vehicle to your chosen destination, but we also excel in providing peace of mind regarding its safe transportation.

To you, a car is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a cherished possession, a repository of countless memories, and a faithful companion that has accompanied you on countless journeys.

At APL Car Bike Moving Service, we treat your precious vehicle with the utmost care, ensuring its smooth and secure journey to your desired location.

We recognize that moving, whether for personal or professional reasons, can be a source of great stress. That’s why we’re dedicated to alleviating some of that burden by offering trusted Car Moving Services in India.

Rest assured, your vehicle is in capable hands. We’ve implemented stringent safeguards to give you the confidence that it’s being handled with the utmost care.

Furthermore, we dominate the car transportation sector with a fleet of over 70 purpose-built Car Carriers, all owned by us. These carriers are meticulously designed to cradle your precious vehicle during transit, ensuring its comfort throughout the journey. As a reputable firm, we oversee thousands of car movements, solidifying our position in the industry.

Reliable and Safe Vehicle Transport Service

We employ two distinct types of carriers based on specific requirements: for local transportation, we utilize open trailers, while for nationwide journeys, we opt for enclosed car carriers.

Our top-tier enclosed carriers shield your vehicle from debris and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, we have specialized carriers designed for both cars and two-wheelers, guaranteeing a scratch-free journey until your vehicle reaches its destination.

Compare Before Renting a Reliable Car Transport Service

APL Car Bike Moving provides a personalized dashboard feature which gives us an advantage over our competitors. Once you commit to us for car shifting service in India, we provide you with a quotation at the best cost. This helps us compare based on customer reviews and individual services.

If you are a four-wheeler owner and looking for a reliable car shifting service in India, then Car Bike Moving Company is the perfect platform for you. As a professional company, we have changed the perception of providing car parcel service not only in Bangalore but across the country. We not only bring the best car transport service but also provide the best house shifting services in India that provide you with a complete packing and moving package.

Contact Detail

Address– 9/50, 3rd Main, Ist Cross, Rajiv Ghandhi Nagar, Bommanhalli, Sector- 7, HSR Layout, Bangalore- 560068

Mobile– 9674908002, 9883680002

Kolkata Address– Gupta Apartment, 3/46, MS Mukherjee Rd, Kalyan Nagar Mathpara, Kulinpara, Khardaha, West Bengal 700116

Mobile– 9831313994

Delhi Address– 263 Palam Vihar Road, Bijwasan, New Delhi- 110061

Mobile– 9051313896


A: While some companies allow a small amount of personal items, it’s generally recommended to avoid doing so. The primary focus is on transporting the vehicle safely, and personal items may not be covered by insurance.

A: It’s advisable to book at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability and to allow for proper planning.

A: Reputable car transport services offer insurance coverage that should cover any damages incurred during transit. Make sure to thoroughly document the vehicle’s condition before transport.

A: Door-to-door transport offers greater convenience, as the transport company picks up and delivers the vehicle directly to your specified locations. Terminal-to-terminal requires you to drop off and pick up the vehicle at designated terminals.

A: Many car transport services provide tracking services, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s location and estimated arrival time.

A: Yes, many car transport services can accommodate non-running vehicles. However, you should inform the company in advance to ensure proper arrangements are made.

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Best Car Moving Service Charges With APL Car Bike Moving

Service Type

Up to 400 Km

400 – 900 Km

800 – 1300 Km

1300 – 1900 Km

Hatchback Car Shifting Price

3,000 – 5,000

4,000 – 7,000

5,000 – 9,000

6,000 – 10,000

Sedan Car Transport Cost

7,000 – 12,000

12,000 – 17,000

15,000 – 20,000

20,000 – 25,000

SUV Car Moving  Charges

13,000 – 17,000

17,000 – 22,000

20,000 – 25,000

25,000 – 29,000

Luxury Car Transportation Rate

18,000 – 23,000

23,000 – 26,000

25,000 – 30,000

30,000 – 35,000

Sports Car Relocation Price

20,000 – 25,000

25,000 – 28,000

26,000 – 31,000

31,000 – 36,000

Get Hassle-Free Car Transport Services through APL Car Bike Moving

There are many people around us who are always looking for genuine car transportation service provider companies that can shift their four-wheelers and two-wheelers. This car-bike moving company provides a complete range of top-notch services like furniture shifting, office shifting, commercial goods moving, household goods moving, fragile goods moving facilities, warehouse and storage facilities, etc. Our packing and moving company provides the services of packers and movers in Kolkata to clients at very competitive rates. The business clients associated with us know how to provide high-quality car transport service to move the vehicle from one place to another safely. From monitoring and tracking your vehicle, we ensure that our expert team members provide you with timely details about your four-wheeler and two-wheeler. APL Car Bike Moving aims to provide a stress-free vehicle commuting experience to each and every customer.

For carriers and dealers, we understand this may take longer. You can also contact us directly at +91 9883680002 and we promise you that our professional team will get back to you within 15 -20 minutes. Our facilities are not only limited to helping you get car transport service in Bangalore, but you can also avail of car transport service in Kolkata, Delhi NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and other cities in India Contact us can do.

Professional Car Transport Service in India

In today’s fast-paced world, people often find themselves needing to move their vehicles across states or even countries. This can be a daunting task, but with the right car transport service in India, you can ensure your vehicle reaches its destination safely and on time. Professional car transport service offer convenience, reliability, and peace of mind, making them the preferred choice for many.

The process of moving vehicles across long distances, whether due to relocation, online purchases, or any other reason, has become increasingly common. To ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your vehicle, a reliable car transport service is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about car transport service, covering key aspects, tips, and frequently asked questions.

Car Shifting Service: A Closer Look

Car Shifting Service specializes in moving vehicles from one location to another using various methods such as open trailers, enclosed carriers, and more. This allows individuals and businesses to transport their vehicles without adding unnecessary mileage or wear and tear. These services cater to a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats.

Key Benefits of Using a Car Shipping Service

Convenience: Hiring a car transport service eliminates the need for a long, tiring road trip to move your vehicle, especially when moving across long distances.

Time-Saving: Professional car shipping services are equipped with experienced drivers and efficient routes, ensuring your vehicle arrives at its destination promptly.

Reduced Wear and Tear: Traveling long distances can damage your vehicle’s engine. Using a car shifting service prevents the added mileage and potential damage from road conditions.

Safe and Secure: Reputable car transport service companies offer insurance coverage, ensuring that your vehicle is protected against any unforeseen incidents during transit.

Car Transport Location

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